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Laser Station

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Model Laser Station
Laser station with ergonomic, compact, industrial and intelligent structure. The Arca marking station can be used as a work station either standing or sitting. Upon specific requests, we equip this machine with linear axes in x and y direction and rotation axes with different clamping systems. For integration into a production chain, this marking station allows longitudinal transfer of the pieces. The side openings of the housing make it very flexible and can meet all customer needs thanks to its flexibility and suitability for numerous types of applications in every sector from the automotive to the pharmaceutical industry.

The laser marking stations is compatible with all Arca laser markers.

The laser marking station is very robust and designed for industrial environments; made of scratch-resistant epoxy powder treated steel.

It is available in a compact version, lenght 840mm (operating side) and in a 1240mm version; the last one can house movement systems for the products to be marked (robots) and marker movement systems. In addition, the 1240 version can be equipped with a rotary table to increase productivity even in the case of manual loading of the single piece.

The shape of the station and the positioning of the control push-buttons allow the optimal approach for the best operation.

The side panels can be opened manually, to facilitate maintenance and position adjustment of the marker (when manual). Or, equipped with accesses for the transit of the products on the conveyor.

The main opening and the position adjustment of the laser marker can be both manual or automatic.

The marking station can be equipped with a collection container for noncompliant

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